PUMY-P-VHMB/YHMB - 8/10/12 head/11.2-15.5 kW

For greater versatility, the City Multi S Series multi-split system PUMY-P YHM-B/VHM-B features an innovative design that allows up to 8/10/12 indoor units — to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

The multi split design allows you to select the most suitable model for any type of room and make the best use of available space. By reducing the number of outdoor units necessary, the PUMY-P YHMB/VHMB enhances exterior aesthetics and lets you add indoor units at any time more economically while facilitating installation.


  • 11.2 - 15.5 kW cooling / 12.5 - 18.0 kW heating capacity
  • connect up to 8/10/12 indoor units to a single outdoor unit (with individual control)
  • single phase or 3 phase
  • efficient DC inverter
  • quiet operation
  • optional weekly timer
  • Total piping length up to 120 m

Choice of 3 phase or single phase models

The City Multi S Series is available in both single phase (PUMY-P100/125/140VHMB) and 3 phase (PUMY-P-100/125/140YHMB) models.

Adaptable & stylish multi-split design

Up to 8 indoor units can be connected and operated individually. There are over 50 indoor units to choose from in 12 types such as wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted, floor mounted, and bulkhead concealed. You can design an air conditioning system that best suits each individual application.

Energy saving

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to developing air conditioners that are highly efficient. Improvements in energy savings in these models have been made possible through:

  • highly efficient DC scroll compressor
  • DC fan motor, which offer up to 60% greater efficency than an equivalent AC motor 
  • 3 phase power supply, provides dramatic reduction of running current 
  • demand control - reduce power consumption during peak electricity periods

Silent operation

Mitsubishi Electric has listened to customer's requests to reduced the noise of air conditioning systems, and have made advances to achieve this.

  • Improvements in design of fan blades and new grille shapes 
  • When outside temperatures drop the unit automatically switches to low-noise mode to reduce operating noise by 3dB. (At outdoor temperature of 25°C)
Model Name    PUMY-P100VHMB(-BS)   PUMY-P125VHMB(-BS)   PUMY-P140VHMB(-BS)
Type   Inverter Multi-Split   Inverter Multi-Split   Inverter Multi-Split
Indoor Unit    See related products     See related products   See related products
Outdoor Unit    PUMY-P100VHMB(-BS)   PUMY-P125VHMB(-BS)   PUMY-P140VHMB(-BS)
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW    11.2   14   15.5
Power Input (Rated Conditions) kW    3.34   4.32   5.35
COP (Rated Conditions)    3.35   3.24   2.9
Running Current (Rated Conditions) A   15.4-14.8-14.1, 15.4   20-19.1-18.3, 20   24.7-23.6-22.7, 24.7
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW    12.5   16   18
Power Input (Rated Conditions) kW    3.66   4.33   5.58
COP (Rated Conditions)    3.42   4.69   3.23
Running Current (Rated Conditions) A   16.9-16.2-15.5, 16.9   20-19.1-18.3, 20   25.8-24.7-23.6, 25.8
Sound Pressure Levels dBA   49 - 51   50 - 52   51 - 53
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm    1350x950x330    1350x950x330   1350x950x330
Weight kg    127   127   127
Electrical Supply (out door)   1-phase 220-230-240V 50Hz, 1-phase 220V 60Hz
Piping - Liquid (diameter)  mm    9.52   9.52   9.52
Piping - Gas (diameter)  mm   15.88   15.88   15.88
Piping - Maximum m   120   120   120
Guaranteed Operating Range - Cooling °C   -5 - 46    -5 - 46   -5 - 46
Guaranteed Operating Range - Heating °C   -10 - 27   -10 - 27   -10 - 27
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